PMC (Project Management Consultant) Service

  • Samptel Energy provides project management consultancy service for Solar roof top project and Ground mounted Solar Projects.
  • Our project management team deal with the EPC contractor for all technical requirements on behalf of the owner in complex multi-unit projects or series of projects.
  • Our team assists the owner for latest technology for minimizing costs, maximizing return on investment and closely review schedule for timely completion of the project.
  • As a PMC we closely deals with EPC contractor and other stakeholders for risk free planning.
  • Our service includes review of all EPC deliverables, checking of contractor’s daily progress report , monitoring of project schedule, minimise sleepage of schedule, arranging weekly project review meeting with OWNER, clarification of EPC contractor’s query, providing technical approval for project material procurement, witness of FAT/SAT.
  • We are flexible with the scope and design of our comprehensive services, to cater for our diverse projects and clients.
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