Leading Solar EPC Service Provider in Ahmedabad

Solar EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) and Commissioning

‘Samptel Energy’ is a Solar EPC contractor of Solar Rooftop mounted Solar project and Ground-mounted Solar Projects.

Our main motto is to execute and deliver the project within an agreed timeline and budget without compromise with quality and safety.

Samptel Energy is flexible with the scope and design of our comprehensive services, to cater to our diverse projects and clients.

Samptel Energy’s project management team closely deals with all stakeholders for risk-free planning of executable design, procurement, and construction schedule.

Together with our engineering team, we provide surety that the solar plant will be constructed according to the best engineering and comprehensive quality management practices for a secure technical operation.

Samptel Energy is an ISO-9001 approved company. We maintain extensive quality standards and confidentiality of project documents and engineering deliverables.

Procurement of all equipment is done with close coordination between engineering and PMT team to fulfill projects’ technical requirements. (Solar equipment likes solar modules, mounting structure, inverters, transformers, switchgear, junction boxes, etc.)

During construction human safety is our first priority. Our micro-level planning with proper tools and skilled manpower always leads the Samptel Energy project towards success.

And finally, we take care of the starting, running, and testing of the installation in order to comply with all performance requirements and agreed on deadlines for commissioning.


Leading Solar EPC Service Provider in Ahmedabad - Samptel Energy

Our Services:

  • Solar EPC projects
  • Solar O&M (operation and maintenance)
  • Site Feasibility studies with a report
  • Detailed engineering design
  • Shadow Analysis Report
  • Structure Design & Stability Report
  • Solar Panel Cleaning system/contract
  • Procurement support for solar components (solar modules, inverters, ACDB, DCDB, switchgear, cables, junction boxes, mounting structure, etc.)
  • Project Insurance guidance
  • Project management Service

Feasibility Check And Report

Samptel Energy team visit customer site location and accordingly check feasibility.

For complex industrial structure we follow our own standard procedure to check solar plant feasibility:

  • Site survey for measurement of available area dimension, surrounding heighten structure/object dimension, south direction, plant co-ordinate
  • 3D model creation for the project site with measured data to give actual look.
  • By using location co-ordinate and software use our team check real time shadow patterns on solar modules.
  • Based on above details our team prepare feasibility reports

Structure Stability Report

  • Based on measured site dimension our team design the structure and provide structure stability report approved by structure engineer.

Shadow Analysis Report

  • Based on constructed plant design our team prepare shadow analysis report of site and submitted to stakeholders for records.
  • We can provide only shadow analysis report service to the other EPC customer.

Solar Power Plant Design

  • Engineering:

Our experienced engineering team reviews project ITB documents and accordingly design the plant. We take care of specification requirement during selection of equipment.

  • Project Management:

Also our PMT team take care of schedule and material delivery related issue at site.

We are producing quality deliverables of projects which are helpful during any future plant maintenance and trouble shooting.

  • Construction:

Our construction team construct plant as per engineering deliverables and taking care of all HSE requirements

After construction our team prepare redline mark-up and based on that our engineering team prepared as-built documents for future use.

  • Commissioning:

Our commissioning team checks every termination of installed equipment based on engineering deliverable & vendor scheme drawings and after that team checks operation functionality.

Also commissioning team take care of testing, starting and normal running operation of the installed equipment in order to comply with all performance requirements and agreed deadlines for commissioning.

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